Aircraft Charter

Aircraft Charter

McDermott Aviation have the perfect range of helicopters to suit a large range of needs. We can supply single or twin engine helicopters, with seating up to 9 passengers, we have the perfect solution for ‘birthday surprises’, scenic flights, wedding arrivals, VIP transfers or what ever reason you may need to get from ‘A to B’ quickly, safely and in style. The most popular aircraft used for Charter flights is the Bell 206L which can seat 5 passengers in the rear in club seating (3 seats forward facing and 2 seats rear facing) and 1 passenger up front.

VIP Charter

McDermott Aviation offer a VIP Charter service with the option of either a Twin Engine AS365 Dauphin or AS355 Twin Squirrel. The AS365 Dauphin has a fast cruise speed of 140knots which can be configured for 8 passengers with club style seating in the back, plus 1 passenger up the front. Due to its speed, cabin room and smooth passenger motion, the AS365 Dauphin is the perfect choice for VVIP’s and clients who require a faster and more comfortable transport. The AS355 Twin squirrel also offers a smooth ride, with a slightly lesser cruise speed than the AS365 Dauphin, come with seating configurations of either 3 across the rear or 4 across the rear plus 1 seat in the front. When operating from the Sunshine Coast Airport, passengers are able to relax and enjoy our FBO with full use of all facilities. We are also able to incorporate adjoining longer legs of a trip by using a Machjet Citation Jet.

IOGP Compliant

McDermott Aviation are also fully compliant with IOGP standards for offshore Oil and Gas operations, being audited at regular intervals to ensure compliance with IOGP and our Client requirements. This ensures our crew and equipment are all exceptionally well trained, and ensures we have relevant safety systems integrated within the operation. This adds to the overall safety of all of our operations, ensuring robust safety management.

Crew Transfers

In most cases, Aerial Charter is more cost effective way to transfer staff from isolated work sites, or to carry out aerial surveys for gas pipelines, power lines, and even air attack for fire surveys. We are commonly called upon to move crews to and from remote telecommunications sites and other remote work sites across Australia.

The Bell 214B, has seating for up to 12 fully equipped passenger crew or fire fighters and is perfect to transfer staff from isolated work site or to carry out surveys. The AS365 is also used to transport fire fighting crews and with winching capability is able to insert and extract crews from sites with no other means of access or landing a helicopter.

Freight/Cargo Transfer

As well as Charter, we also utilize our Helicopters carry freight/cargo, which is necessary for areas that are classed as remote site, or where machinery breaks down and require parts ASAP, and the fastest means is via the air.

Our range of aircraft provide us with a range of external load capacities ranging from 300kg – 3000kg. We also have a large range of specialised rigging equipment to assist in moving essential equipment at short notice.


McDermott Aviation’s range of support vehicles including fuel trucks, service vans and crew vehicles allow us to be completely self sufficient when supporting all charter operations.

What Aircraft do you need?
Role: Aircraft:
Crew Transfers Bell 214B
AS365 Dauphin
AS355 Twin Squirrel
Bell 206L
Charter AS365 Dauphin
AS355 Twin Squirrel
Bell 206L
VIP Charter AS365 Dauphin
AS355 Twin Squirrel
IOGP Compliant AS365 Dauphin
AS355 Twin Squirrel
Freight /Cargo Bell 214B
AS365 Dauphin
McDermott Aviation

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