Helicopter Lifting and Construction Services

Helicopter Lifting and Construction

McDermott Aviation is the leader in helicopter lifting services providing services all across Australia including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth Hobart Darwin and Adelaide. Our fleet of over 30 helicopters – including the Bell 214B, Bell 204, Bell 206, Bell 47, and a fleet of twin engine helicopters – AS 355-F1 Twin Squirrel and the AS365N2/N3 Dauphin, allows us to provide a large range of options to all clients, which can be catered to their needs based on their individual requirements and various job site factors.

Throughout the years, McDermott Aviation has conducted Aerial Lifting and Construction operations for many of the world’s largest mining, oil & gas, utility, exploration, and salvage companies, as well as using our helicopters for well-known crane companies as a cost effective lifting solution or where they simply cannot access with a crane.

We have completed all types of lifts, such as; Spa’s, marble baths, V8 Supercars, air conditioning units, pipes & materials for dredging operations, steel structures, concrete, generators, boats, machinery, excavators, bobcats, concrete towers, and power poles.

Why use a helicopter?? With minimal set up costs, fast delivery, unlimited reach, more often than not – the helicopter lift is the easiest and most cost effective option.

At McDermott Aviation, safety is our Number 1 priority, so we are very proud of the fact that we hold an uncompromising safety record. We take our Aerial Lifting and Construction Operations very seriously. This is not just a sideline business; it is a large part of our business.



Remote Area Sites

McDermott Aviation are regularly called upon to transport or relocate equipment great distances to remote areas that may have been temporarily cut off from road access or at a distance or location that is not practical to transport by any other means.

Difficult Access

Majority of our Lifting and Construction operations are carried out in areas that are either difficult or impossible to access with more “conventional’ means. Sites such as;

  • Mountain Ranges
  • National Park walking tracks
  • High rise buildings/shopping centres
  • Marine Ops – Ships, Shipping Lane Beacons, Oil Rig Platforms.
  • Beach

We have constructed/deconstructed High Voltage towers along mountain ranges, assembled sky lifts down extreme slops, delivered loads to off shore oil rigs, supplied materials into National parks, replaced power poles, placed walkway bridges along dam walls and in National parks, delivered concrete at the base of waterfalls, and are regularly replacing air conditioning units on Shopping centres and high rise buildings across Australia.

We are often hired by well known crane companies to complete jobs that they would otherwise not be able to complete, or as a more cost effective option.

Time Critical

We can provide an urgent response to an operation that ”had to happen yesterday!!” We have the attitude to get the job done and react when needed. With our 30 years of expertise, and Australia’s largest range of privately owned helicopters, we can put an operational plan in place and give you realistic time frames to get your job completed.

If time on site is critical, a helicopter can deliver loads faster than a crane, and be on site for a far less amount of time than a crane therefore causing a lot less disruption to the site and its neighbours – a helicopter can be “in and out” well before a crane has even set up and ready to lift.

Minimal Footprint

If your operation takes place in an area that requires little to no footprint, whether it’s in an area of importance where trees can not be removed to allow access, or over heritage listed sites that can not be disturbed, or simply where a crane is unable to setup or will cause a lot of disturbance to the surrounding areas – which can normally take more time to set up and pull down then to do the actual lift, McDermott Aviation can assist in meeting your requirements and ensure that very little impact will be had on site.

Precision Placement

Our pilots are amongst the most experienced vertical reference pilots available in the world, with renowned long lining skills required for precision lifting operations. Our Lifting operations worldwide have exposed our pilots to working in some of the most remote and rugged terrain and locations possible.

We regularly place loads within centimeter’s of their required location, and are often called upon to be pin point accurate.

Lifting and Rigging Equipment

All of our lifting helicopters are equipped for all aspects of aerial lifting & construction operations including a long line capability of up to 100m (300ft), lightweight aluminium concrete kibbles with a capacity of 1.0 m2, which allows for quick and cost effective concrete placement to remote areas.

We can supply a huge range of regular and specialised lifting/rigging equipment, such as;

  • Round Endless and webbing slings
  • Shackles
  • Cargo Nets
  • Bulk Handling Bags
  • 4 leg slings – Soft slings and chain
  • Swivel Hook and chain combo’s
  • Remote hooks – for pilot actuated release
  • Rotary Contact Swivels

All of our lifting and safety equipment is registered electronically as well as tagged and tested as per required schedule to ensure serviceability and safety during all of our lifting operations.


As part of our Lifting and Construction Operations, we can supply all ground personnel including qualified Dogmen/Loadmasters, engineers, fuel solution and refuellers, plus access to a large range of fixed wing aircraft capable of landing on remote airstrips to assist in moving crew and parts.

Prior to ALL operations, Risk Assessments are carried out to ensure safety of our crew, our client, and our cargo. Any ‘High Risk’ activities are covered by a site specific Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA) and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

Our expertise in these operations working inside built up areas allows us to ensure we have covered every ‘angle’ and will only proceed with the relevant CASA approval.

Feel free to contact us for your next lifting operation, you will find our kind and courteous staff easy to deal with. We understand this may be your first helicopter lift and it may seem daunting, our friendly staff will be able to guide you through the process and ensure your helicopter lift will be an enjoyable experience.

What Aircraft do you need?
Lifting Capacity: Aircraft:
Up to – 3000kg BELL 214B
Up to – 1500kg BELL 204
Up to – 1100kg AS365 Dauphin
Up to – 700kg AS355 Twin Squirrel
Up to – 600kg Bell 206L
Up to – 300kg Bell 47T