MEDIVAC / Search & Rescue

MEDIVAC / Search and Rescue


McDermott Aviation can offer Medivac capability to our clientele in any state in Australia, having a partner company that can provide Critical Care Paramedics that are fully qualified and registered as required. This capability is often utilised alongside our operations such as Construction Operations due to nature of the work being carried out by the client, with the tyranny of distance being overcome with standalone aeromedical support.
Medivac coverage is essential in operations that are carried out away from main population areas, which in Australia is vast. The ability to access this support, may be the difference between life and death.


Search and Rescue

All of out fleet of over 40 aircraft are capable of being utilised for Search and Rescue type operations. We have often provided over 50% of the assets on some AMSA searches, including providing the primary medical helicopter to the search on occasion.
Some of our aircraft are fitted with accurate Directional finders or Homing Systems; These systems allow for quick and accurate location of Emergency Locator Beacons, such as you find in a boat or life raft (EPIRB), or in an aeroplane (ELT). These systems are monitored at all times when flying, and gives feedback to our flight crew as to the location of the distress signal.
Aside from being able to locate the beacon or signal, many of our aircraft are fitted with personnel winches, and can also equipped with Rescue Strops, Rescue Baskets, Deployable Survival Kits, Life Rings, Sea Dye, etc… Our crewpersons are also trained in First Aid as a minimum, and we also can offer qualified rescue swimmers that are suitable trained for helicopter extraction and rescue.


What Aircraft do you need?
Role: Aircraft:
Patient Transfer AS365 Dauphin
Medical Evacuation AS365 Dauphin
Winching AS365 Dauphin
Search and Rescue AS365 Dauphin
AS355 Twin Squirrel
Bell 206L
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