Crew Single or Twin Crew
Capacity 4-6 Passengers
Lift capacity* 700 Kg
Max Hook Load 1400 Kg
External Hoist Load N/A
Endurance 3.5 Hours
Cruise Speed 115 Kts
Max Air Speed 140 Kts
Powerplant 2 x RR Allison 250-C20F Turboshaft, 313kW

*Lift Capacity Limitations based on precision placement.

The AS355-F1 -Twin Squirrel is a twin-engine light aircraft, which is powered by the proven and reliable “Allison C20F” engine making this helicopter perfect for carrying out operations including Lifting and Construction, Aerial Application, Survey, Charter, VIP Charter, and Fire Control. Coupled with its fuel endurance of up to 3.5 hours, it is also especially suited to Search & Rescue flights over the ocean.

The lifting capability of the AS355-F1 – Twin Squirrel is 700 kg on the hook, and with twin engine capability, it is suited to aerial crane operations within built up / populous areas.

This aircraft also has capacity to carry out liquid and solid Aerial Application.

With the enhanced safety of the twin-engine performance, and with the capability of carrying 4 -6 passengers, the AS355-F1 -Twin Squirrel is a cost effective way to carry out charter to move staff to and from isolated work sites, or to carry out survey flights. McDermott Aviation can also offer VIP Charter in the AS355-F1 -Twin Squirrel, as some of our fleet are equipped with air-conditioning, noise cancelling headsets, and premium leather interior.

When it comes to Fire Control, the AS355-F1 – Twin Squirrel is the perfect helicopter for ‘Air Attack’, carrying crews to isolated remote sites, and can be fitted with a Bambi Bucket to assist in fighting fires. All of our fleet are equipped with programmable communication systems to ensure seamless integration with the client comms plan.

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